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U.S. Citizen Services






Our Mission

The American Citizen Services (ACS) Unit of the Consular Section assists American citizens in Belgium. Among other things, the unit provides passport services, registers the birth of children, assists with Federal Benefits, offers notary services, gives information on voting, and provides information to Americans visiting and residing in Belgium. All of these services are available at the Consular Section by appointment.

Social Security Numbers 

Applications and documentation for Social Security numbers can be submitted at Embassy Brussels by making an appointment for notary services at  Online appointments are required for all public service.  Walk-in service is not possible. 

You should review the London Federal Benefits Unit web site section “Social Security Numbers (SSN)”  to ensure you understand the documentation required for the processing of requests for assignment of Social Security numbers, verification of Social Security numbers that have already been assigned, and name changes due to marriage, divorce etc.

Online Appointment System For ACS

Appointments are required for all public services. No walk-in service is available. This new system greatly reduces your wait time at the Embassy and increases our efficiency. Please schedule a separate appointment for each applicant and for each service after you have completely read the information on our website related to the public service you need.

To reduce your wait time, please fill out all official application forms and paperwork online in advance and bring them with you to your appointment. You may download the most commonly used application forms here:  

The ACS Unit also provides emergency assistance to American citizens in distress: when an American is destitute, arrested, separated from minor children, or sick. In an emergency, the Embassy Duty Officer can be reached at any time.

The information on this website is designed to help you understand the services we can offer and to provide some useful information which may help you during your stay, be it long or short, in Belgium.

The ACS unit will NOT be able to answer questions about visas.

Use the links on the left for more information about our services.

Local Public Transport in Brussels

Train Schedule for Belgium

Please click here to schedule an online appointment

Online appointments are mandatory for all public services. Walk-in service is no longer available except for emergency replacement of lost/stolen passports with immediate travel.

Hours & Appointments


  • How to get into the Embassy

    PLEASE do not bring mobile phones or electronic devices, such as Blackberries, iPods or PDA, nor large bags.  They are not allowed within the Embassy.