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Visa Fees

Visa Fees for Non-Immigrant Visa

Tiered Structure for Visa Application Fees

The Department of State implements a tiered structure for nonimmigrant visa application processing fees, also called the Machine-Readable Visa (MRV) fee.  This tiered structure reflects the cost of accepting, adjudicating and issuing various visa applications. 

Attention: Fees effective October 9, 2013

Exchange Rate: Effective October 9, 2013, the exchange rate for consular services is 1 Dollar for 0.75 Euro.  Please do NOT use the daily market exchange rate or any other rate. All MRV fees must be paid in Euros.

  • The MRV fee is 120 Euros (160 USD) for the following visa categories: B (including B1/B2), C, C1/D, D, F, I, J, and M: see a detailed chart at the bottom of this webpage.  
  • The MRV fee is 143 Euros (190 USD) for the following visa categories: H*, L*, O, P, Q, and R: see a detailed chart at the bottom of this webpage.  
  • The MRV fee is 203 Euros (270 USD) for E treaty trader/investor visas.   
  • The MRV fee is 180 Euros (240 USD) for the K fiancé visa.   

Identifying Your Visa Category

Applicants must take special care to identify the correct visa category before paying the MRV fee.  Visa type is determined by the purpose of travel (e.g. tourism).  If you are uncertain how to correctly identify your purpose of travel, visit the Visa Types page to establish which visa category you should apply for, or consult the chart below which includes the description of each visa category.  Each possible purpose of travel is associated with a letter called the “visa symbol,” such as “student (F).”  When booking interview appointments through the Call Center, applicants should explain their purpose of travel and verify the appropriate visa category. 

Detailed Visa Chart:  

Visa Category Symbol Description of Visa Class MRV Fee
A1 or A2 Ambassador, Public Minister, Career Diplomat or Consular Officer, or Other Foreign Government Official or Employee and Immediate Family Members N/A
A3 Attendant, Servant, or Personal Employee of A1 or A2, or Immediate Family N/A
B1 Temporary Visitor for Business 120 Euro (160 USD)
B2 Temporary Visitor for Pleasure 120 Euro (160 USD)
B1/B2 Temporary Visitor for Business and Pleasure 120 Euro (160 USD)
C1 Alien in Transit 120 Euro (160 USD)
C1/D Combined Transit and Crewmember visa 120 Euro (160 USD)
C3 Foreign Government Official, Immediate Family, Attendant, Servant or Personal Employee, in Transit N/A
D Crewmember (Sea or Air) 120 Euro (160 USD)
E1 Treaty Trader, Spouse or Child 203 Euro
(270 USD)
E2 Treaty Investor, Spouse or Child 203 Euro
(270 USD)
E3 Australian Treaty Alien coming to the United States Solely to Perform Services in a Speciality Occupation 203 Euro
(270 USD)
F Student in an academic or language training program 120 Euro (160 USD)
G1-G5 Representatives to an International Organization and Immediate Family Members N/A
H1-H4 Alien in a Speciality Occupation, Nurse in Health Professional Shortage Area, Temporary Worker Performing Agricultural Services unavailable in the U.S. and the Spouse or Child* 143 Euro (190 USD)
I Representative of Foreign Information Media, Spouse or Child 120 Euro (160 USD)
J Exchange Visitor 120 Euro (160 USD)
K Fiance(e) of United States Citizen 180 Euro
(240 USD)
L Intracompany Transferee (Executive, Managerial, and Specialized Knowledge Personnel Continuing Employment with International Firm or Corporation)* 143 Euro (190 USD)
M Vocational Student or Other Nonacademic Student 120 Euro (160 USD)
NATO 1-7 NATO Permanent Staff, Representatives, Clerks, Civilians, Attendants and Servants and Immediate Family Members N/A
O Alien with Extraordinary Ability in Sciences, Arts, Education, Business or Athletics 143 Euro (190 USD)
P1 Internationally Recognized Athlete or Member of Internationally Recognized Entertainment Group 143 Euro (190 USD)
P2 Artist or Entertainer in a Reciprocal Exchange Program 143 Euro (190 USD)
P3 Artist or Entertainer in a Culturally Unique Program 143 Euro (190 USD)
Q Participant in an International Cultural Exchange Program 143 Euro (190 USD)
R Alien in a Religious Occupation 143 Euro (190 USD)
TN NAFTA Professional 120 Euro (160 USD)
TD Spouse or Child of NAFTA Professional 120 Euro (160 USD)

*All principal applicants of Blanket L petitions are required to pay a supplemental  500 USD Blanket L Fraud Detection and Prevention fee.  Furthermore, an additional fee of 2,250 USD is now required by the U.S. Border Security Act for those Blanket L-1 principal applicants whose  form  I-129S includes an annotation by the petitioning company stating the Border Security Act fee is required.  Both fees are collected at the time of interview by cash (dollars or euro equivalent) or credit card.  Visa and Master card holders are requested to obtain the authorization from their bank to make the payment at the U.S. embassy.  DO NOT PAY THESE FEES IN ADVANCE.


  • On 22 May 2014, the U.S. Embassy in Brussels will be transitioning to a new and improved visa appointment system.  All appointments are fully booked until 28 May.  On 22 May 2014, appointments will be opened for visa interviews to take place from 30 May 2014 onwards.    Please follow the instructions that will appear on the website on 22 May 2014 in order to schedule your visa appointment.